Transport Institutional Development

Traditionally, in many African cities, transport sector reforms had been all about the introduction of buses through different bus

Feasibility Studies

The need to have accurate data, with reliable facts and figures to back up and justify the cost and imperative of any project before it is embarked upon is most crucial

Junction Improvement Works

The problem of traffic congestion in most urban centers in Nigeria continues to worsen with the growth in population and increase in the number of vehicles on the road

Traffic Systems Management (TSM) Measures

We think and work differently because of our unique perspective of the industry. We are committed to excellence and we uphold global

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a bus-based mass transit system which aims to ensure a very high level of efficiency by utilizing a specialized service design and infrastructure to improve

Operations & Maintenance (O&P)

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) deals with the tools, procedures, processes, systems, and best practice methodologies that are deployed in

Intelligent Transport System

The development of transport infrastructure and operations globally in recent times, is usually enhanced with Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

Fare Collection System

Cash based Fare Collection arrangement and cash-handling procedure still pose a significant problem for transport authorities, fare collection teams, and riders in Africa

Transport Infrastructure, Bus Terminal/Shelters

Transportation is a very crucial aspect of modern life. It has been likened to the flow of blood in the body, and when blood ceases to

Construction & Engineering

Planet Project Limited thinks and works differently because of the unique perspective of the transportation industry. We are committed to excellence and uphold global

Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal encompasses ways of improving and making urban neighborhoods more habitable by rehabilitating critical infrastructure or adding new features

Transport Master Plan

Planet Projects Limited is committed to excellence, and upholding global industry best practices, particularly in respect of project execution, with respect to documentation,

Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) Studies

A traffic Impact Assessment/Analysis is a study which assesses the effects that a particular development traffic will have on the transportation network in a community

Water Transport

Water Transport is a largely neglected and untapped mode of transportation in Nigeria. This development is so, despite the availability of vast ocean shorelines, lots of rivers, creeks, lagoons, and others

Rail Transport

Nigeria currently operates a rail system of about 3,557 kilometers of narrow gauge track dating back to the colonial era. The country has two major rail lines:one connecting Lagos to Nguru in Yobe State

Toll Road Concessions

We conduct feasibility studies for toll road concessions. This includes Traffic Survey, Road Condition Survey, Cost of repair and rehabilitation, Traffic Impact Assessment, Financial appraisal and analysis.

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