Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) is a powerful tool for engineers and transport planners to determine the possible effects of development on the transportation/traffic system and to mitigate any perceived negative impacts.

Therefore, an effective TIA should help to check the inadequacy of the transport system in a developmental project.

The level of projects of TIA often leads to traffic congestion resulting in deterioration of traffic safety, decreased accessibility to the locations, diminishing quality of life as well as reduced economic viability of the development.

Most of the stakeholders (decision makers, financiers, developers, etc) involved in the execution of mega infrastructure projects in developing countries usually disregard the appraisal of Traffic Impact Assessment due to its complexities. This makes these projects attract huge volume of traffic beyond its capacity.

Planet Projects recognises the importance of TIA as a technical tool for appraising the volume of traffic a specific developmental project may generate and its safety implications.

We have a dedicated team of professionals in the relevant discipline, who are poised to deliver TIA services for planners, developers, financial institutions and decision makers in both public and private sectors of the economy.

Service Areas

Our services include:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Classification of Traffic Analysis Zone
  • Data Collection
  • Technical Analysis
  • Mitigation Measures Definition
  • Land Use Developmental Activities
  • Traffic Forecast and Growth Projection
  • Reporting
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