Transportation Master Plan (TMP) aims at identifying the transportation facilities, services and policies that are required to be implemented in order to serve a projected population base on the demography and socio-economic factors.

TMP is a technical document which contains an array of commonly purposed, time-bound activities intended to achieve a specified objective(s) within all transport modes (Road, Rail, Water and Air).

In Africa, the problems of transport systems are largely attributed to poor planning and management arising from the dearth of suitably trained transport experts and issues of institutional reforms.

Planet Projects recognises the need for TMP, and has been championing the mission to regulate, plan and develop an efficient and well-integrated transport system that will serve the public interest, enhance mobility, deliver secure and environmentally friendly Public Transportation System in different areas across Nigeria.

As a company, we accord strong significance to TMP development, as it has made us major player in Transport Planning and Institutional Development in the transport industry.

Our Services

Some of our services are:

  • Planning and Stakeholders’ Consultation
  • Classification of Traffic Analysis Zone
  • Survey
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Traffic Forecast and Growth Projection
  • Designing Mitigation Plans and Transport Options/Scenarios
  • Policy Documentation.

Our Experience
  1. Lagos Strategic Transportation Master (LSTMP) Plan
  2. Lagos Public Transport Integrated Master Plan, Engineering and Rail Operation Integration Plan
  3. Delta State Public Transport Management
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