Public Transportation in Nigeria (with a massive population in excess of 180 million) has over the years been left undeveloped as transit has majorly been road-based. The available roads are currently in a deplorable state across the country with lack of adequate investments; hence, the traffic congestion being experienced by all road users, especially in major cities.

Rail is one of the most important forms of transport system. It is widely known to increase the mobility of labour and capital as it contributes to the rapid industrialisation of a country.

It is driven globally in this modern day by highly sophisticated technology and its development is highly capital intensive. It requires know-how because its operations and maintenance require experts from multi-disciplinary fields for its functionality.

At Planet Projects Limited, we are well-positioned to conceptualise, advise and develop rail projects across the country in strategic partnerships with leading international firms.

These partner companies are major players in rail transport and development in the area of Planning, Construction, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of Railways, including metro-lines, urban railways, intercity railways, regional lines, light rail and trams in several countries of the world.

Some state governments, including Lagos, Kano and Ogun States, in their attempt to improve, sustain and accelerate their rapidly growing economies, are currently working on developing an efficient, modern and Rail-based Transport system. Planet Projects has worked with the governments in developing their Rail Projects.

Service Areas

We offer professional services within the Rail Transport Sector as follows:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Concept Designs
  • Outline Business Case (OBC)
  • Railway Systems (Rolling Stock, Signal and Communication, Automated Fare Collection Systems, Train Operation and Control Centre)
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Our Experience

Planet Projects current engagement in this sector is in the ongoing consultancy services for Technical Due Diligence on fixed infrastructure of Lagos Rail Mass Transit (Blue Line) Projects, and scoping of outstanding project elements required to commission the railway to passenger service.

Other related engagement includes:

  1. Ogun State: Feasibility Studies and Traffic Survey
  2. Kano Light Rail: Traffic Survey, Viability Studies and implementation phasing plan.
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