A Feasibility Study is the preliminary study undertaken in the very early stage of a project to simply understand the nature of the project and ascertain its viability. It helps in identifying practicable options, and assists in the development of business case model, project execution plan and strategic brief.

This stage of projects is of high essence to us at Planet Projects Limited, and we are committed to its delivery within international best practices with regard to all modes of Public Transport (Rail, Road, Water and Air) in Nigeria.

Service Areas

We offer professional and timely services to our clients in the following areas:

  • Desktop Review
  • Scoping
  • MCC Analysis (Manual Classified Counts)
  • Bus Park Surveys
  • Journey Time and Delay Survey
  • Junction Turning Movement Counts
  • Queue Length Survey
  • Boarding and Alighting Survey Studies
  • Fare Surveys
  • Development of Terms of Reference
  • Project Analysis
  • Outline Business Case
  • Reporting

Our Experience
  1. Feasibility Studies for the Warri Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).
  2. Feasibility Studies for the Resuscitation of the Lagos Island Municipal Transport Service (LMTS).
  3. Preparation of Feasibility Studies and Development of Operational Framework (including bus operating manuals, staffing, etc
  4. Feasibility Studies for the Introduction of Bus Mass Transit Scheme within Owerri Capital City, in Imo State.
  5. Feasibility Studies and Traffic Surveys for the Ibadan Circular Road, in Ibadan, Oyo State.
  6. Lagos Strategic Transportation Master (LSTMP) Plan.
  7. Water Transportation Feasibility Studies in Lagos State.
  8. Identification and Scoping of Improvements to landings and jetties in Lagos State (about 300 landings and jetties in Lagos State)
  9. Lekki Infrastructure Master Plan.
  10. Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) Studies the Proposed Lekki Port, Lagos.
  11. Traffic Master Plan for the Eko Atlantic City Project.
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