Understanding the Complete Benefits of Public Transport


The provision of good public transport (GPT) enables cities to thrive and fulfill their economic, environmental and social aspirations.

Good public transport is vital to successful urban areas, as it enables people to access jobs and services, employers to access labour markets, and businesses to reach the customers for their services.

It is clean, fuel and carbon-efficient, and enhances the attractiveness of city centres besides the  health of the citizens.

The affordable access provided by public transport to opportunities is fundamental in the drive to create a more inclusive society. No other modes can come close to the ability of public transport to safely and efficiently provide urban mobility to large numbers of people.

Improving public transport systems, therefore, is also the only way in which the future challenges of urban growth and mobility, sustainable economic development and climate change can be successfully tackled.
Good public transport, therefore, underpins the quality of life we enjoy today in all of our cities and towns.

Without continuing to invest in and improve public transport, we have no hope of the transport sector successfully tackling the challenges the world faces.
Yet, transport planners have been particularly reticent in claiming these benefits.