The ever busy Lagos Airport Road for several years has been in a state of disrepair, thereby causing chronic congestion which makes life miserable for commuters along the corridor. Road users spend several hours in traffic on a daily basis, with high exposure to pollution, loss of man-hours, as well as insecurity.

In order to address this menace, the Lagos State Government engaged Planet Projects Limited in the provision of engineering works, including detailed design, re-designing and re-construction of the corridor with the aim of expanding the corridor into 10-lane Carriageway, three-lane main/express carriageway and two-lane service carriageway in both directions along the entire corridor separated by a median, pedestrian walkway at outer edges of the service lanes.

This road infrastructure also includes two fly-over bridges (across the toll gate intersection and a U-turn Ramp bridge at the Mafoluku intersection), 5 Pedestrian Bridges, 9 Lay-bys, Traffic Signalisation, Lane Markings, Street Lighting, Decorative Fencing and provision for Public Transport/bus service including lay-bys and bus stop facilities.

Planet Projects has concluded all the engineering works –

  •  Detailed designs
  • Traffic surveys
  • BEMEs,  and the company is currently supervising the construction of the road.

On completion, the traffic congestion would be drastically reduced, while ensuring that Lagos and Nigeria have a befitting “International Gateway”.

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