Public Transport Operations within Ikeja axis of Lagos are known to be highly fragmented, informal and unregulated. These frustrating activities lead to the unending traffic congestion experienced by road users on a daily basis. These transport issues reduce productivity, increase pollution, and affect economic growth, to mention a few.

Planet Projects conceived the idea of consolidating all public transport activities into a central location to reduce the effect of traffic congestion associated with illegal parks around Ikeja as part of the Lagos Bus Reform Initiative.

This was achieved through the development of Ikeja Bus Terminal, commissioned by Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on March 29, 2018.

PPL also conceptualised, designed and constructed this terminal within four months. The Bus Terminal has transformed the landscape of Ikeja, while serving the transport needs of thousands of commuters daily.

It has continued to generate more commendations from both local and foreign observers.

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