Enerhen Junction is the bustling epicenter of Warri, Delta State, and also the business and commercial hub of the city. Due to the volume of commercial activities at this junction, traffic congestion is a common occurrence, and it typically takes about an hour to cross this junction. Enerhen Junction was notorious for congestion, high level of criminal activities, environmental problems, etc.

Planet Projects Limited subsequently developed the Junction Improvement concept, which basically optimised the junction by separating the various land-use activities –transport, commercial and pedestrian- and ensuring that all these activities could take place without any hindrances.

In providing Engineering & Construction services, PPL conducted

  • Traffic Studies,
  • Capacity Studies,
  • Topographic Surveys,
  • Geotechnical Surveys,
  • Conceptual &
  • Detailed Designs and Construction of this junction.

The company also provided traffic signals, pedestrian crossings, bus lay-bys and shelters, junction channelization, walkways, guard-rails and streetlights, totally transforming the junction. The new Enerhen Junction was completed in four months in 2013. Traffic flow has greatly improved at Enerhen Junction since completion of this project.

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