We have executed many projects across all facets of public transport and infrastructure development, both locally and internationally.
These include the construction of –

  • Bus Terminals,
  • Bus Depots,
  • Bus shelters, and more.

We have also ideated Engineering Designs, Transport Plans, Institutional Development Plans, Feasibility Studies, as well as Operations and Maintenance (O&M) strategies.

Alapere Junction was notorious due to the traffic congestion always experienced there, which easily had caused an average of one to two hours’ delays every evening.

Planet Projects developed the solution by creating a bypass. Based on the results of the geotechnical surveys, a concrete pavement was selected. The 550-metre concrete road was completed in four months, with zero accidents and minimal disruptions in traffic. The bypass has greatly improved the flow of traffic at Alapere and along the IBB Boulevard with almost no delays at the junction now.

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